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From our office or yours - Langley, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Coquitlam.

Fallen behind on your bookkeeping and reporting? Bring us your shoebox and we will get it organized for you.

We can give you the confidence and peace of mind when making financial decisions, by reconciling your accounts.

Kimberly Kloyber

Bookkeeping Solutions

About Us

Your Bookkeeping Solution Expert

Kimberly Kloyber Bookkeeping Solutions provides full service mobile bookkeeping to small and home based business owners located in Langley, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Coquitlam.


With over 20 years of professional experience in full service bookkeeping, we provide our clients with easy record keeping solutions that allow their business to grow.


Our commitment to allowing clients to concentrate on running their own business and increase their bottom line is a major part of what we do.

Our Services

All our services are available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, either from your office or ours. Have questions? Need Help?

We post all of your transactions and reconcile your account statements, giving you up to date financial information. Giving you the confidence and peace of mind when making financial decisions.


Fallen behind on your bookkeeping and reporting? We can help you get caught up quickly and efficiently. Simply bring us your shoeboxes and we will get them organized and under control for you.

Shoebox Clean Up

We can calculate and remit all of your government remittances, which means stress free, accurate and on time remittances - no more late filing penalties instead more time to spend on your business with peace of mind.

We work directly with your accountant to ensure that your fully taken care of from beginning to end. Also, we are available to assist and answer any questions your accountant may have.

Accountant Assistance

We create the invoices and send them to your clients, and if necessary follow up for payment. Allowing your clients to be invoiced at a timely manner and in return collecting what is owed to you quicker - improving your cash flow.

We enter your bills and process payments for you, allowing you to maintain your positive credit rating.

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivables
Our Services

System Softwares

We stay up-to-date with all major bookkeeping softwares. Below are just a few we use on a regular basis.

Process Pro
Open Bravo
Microsoft Office


Here is what people have to say about Kimberly Kloyber Bookkeeping Solutions

"I highly recommend Kimberly Kloyber for your bookkeeping needs! Opening a brand new business can be scary, especially working the numbers. However, when you have a bookkeeper who is as knowledgeable and patient as Kimberly, it definitely eliminates the extra stress. Kimberly always goes that extra mile with us which is very much appreciated and not easy to find."


Kirsten Janz - Owner of Whole Body Health & Wellness - Maple Ridge BC

"I have known Kimberly Kloyber for more than 20 years and have always found her to be a positive and loyal person. If you get the opportunity to work with will be pleased! She is a very dedicated person and takes her tasks seriously. I would highly recommend her and would not hesitate in employing her."


Isabell Thruston - Accountant

"From the moment I met with Kimberly for my business bookkeeping needs, I was impressed. Kimberly is very patient, which is what I need when it comes to running a business, kids, family obligations and life in general. She's made great sense out of what seemed like an unnatural disaster and she's helping me to understand QuickBooks, so I can find the information I need on my own. I highly recommend Kimberly Kloyber Bookkeeping Solutions to anyone who needs personal or business bookkeeping!"


Tracey Mumford - Finance & Operations at Riverbed Marketing - Chilliwack BC

"As a new business owner, I wanted to fully understand how to manage my books before outsourcing the work. Kimberly Kloyber was more than happy to step in as both a bookkeeper and start-up consultant. As a mentor, she taught me how to manage my books without doing them for me. Her flexibility to my needs and overall willingness to teach, has helped me to understand the ins and outs of my business as well as how to maintain my books on a daily basis. She took the time to understand my business, and catered her services to as much or as little as I needed to help make it succeed. I highly recommend Kimberly Kloyber’s Bookkeeping Solutions; thank you so much Kimberly"


Michelle Bailey - Qualicare Family HomeCare

"Kimberly came on board as our bookkeeper well over a year ago and we could not be happier. She has us all taken care of with her impeccable talent for numbers and organization. Her attention to detail is above and beyond. She honestly believes in total perfection!!! Could you ask for anything more??? Kimberly truly cares about her clients. She champions for you and wants nothing more then to see you continuously succeed. She has been a rock star. We are so luck to have her in our corner."


Brandon Zimmerman - Owner of Haney Automotive - Maple Ridge BC

"For three years, I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Kloyber on numerous customer accounts. Kimberly is highly professional and is outstanding at maintaining company and client confidentially as well as communication. She is always well organized and attentive to her clients needs."


Ted Wiebe - CPA | CMA

Ready to Get Your Shoebox Organized?

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Maple Ridge, BC



604 710 9315



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